Rembes Village, Bringin District, Semarang Regency is the location chosen by the Industrial Electrical Engineering lecturer at the Undip Vocational School to carry out Community Service. The Community Service Team consists of Arkhan Subari, ST., M.Kom as team leader, and Drs. Eko Ariyanto, MT and Ir. Saiful Manan, MT, as a member of the community service team. Outside their teaching routine, these lecturers conduct community service by creating homemade lamps called “Vokalite.” Making LED lights through the Teaching Factory program will start on October 2, 2023. Through the Teaching Factory Program, the Industrial Electrical Engineering Study Program is ready to make various kinds of LED lights, starting from 7 watts, 9 watts, 12 watts, 15 watts, 20 watts, 30 watts, and 40 watts. The manufacturing process involved students from the Industrial Electrical Engineering Study Program with the aim that students also understand how to make LED lights from the start to the quality control process.

The residents of Rembes Village welcomed the arrival of the community service team from the Undip Vocational School and felt helped by the presence of the Vokalite lights. They thanked the lecturers and the Undip Vocational School. Head of Rembes Village Hj. Nur Arifah and the Head of Kandangan Hamlet, Suyitno, really appreciated the concern and honest work of the Undip Vocational School campus (through the Bachelor of Applied Industrial Electrical Engineering study program) in community service.

According to the Head of the Community Service Team, this lighting can trigger creativity and productivity to increase the quality of life. “Now our lights illuminate the dark streets in the village,” he said. He added that the lecturers developed lamps with advanced but environmentally friendly technology. These lights not only provide bright light. “But it also saves energy, which is very important for rural communities,” said Arkhan Subari, ST., M.Kom.