Friday, April 26, 2024, Undip Vocational School held Halal Bihalal as an event for friendship and mutual forgiveness between employees at Undip Vocational School. The Halal Bihalal event was held in the afternoon after the Inauguration of the Undip Vocational School Teaching Factory Building. The Dean attended the Halal Bihalal activity, Deputy Deans I and II, Managers, Supervisors, Lecturers, and Undip Vocational School Education Staff. The event was held in the Undip Vocational School parking lot, and a sermon was by Ustadz Drs. Fachrur Rozi., M.Ag.

Ustadz Drs. Fachrur Rozi., M.Ag., explains “that when we work, we must intend it as worship, not as an opportunity to compete for money. In this way, sustenance or money will follow as long as our intention to work is worship. Then don’t let us spread someone’s ugliness or disgrace, for example, if someone hasn’t. If we know A’s character, those who already know can keep quiet and don’t need to tell A’s horror.” After the tausiyah event, the next series was a gathering and watching the performance of the Undip Vocational School’s tambourine group.