Documentation of the Launching of a Public Smart Dispenser and IoT-based Irrigation System by the Chancellor at the UNDIP Vocational School

Semarang – Diponegoro University Chancellor, Prof. Dr Yos Johan Utama, S.H., M.Hum on Tuesday, October 27, 2020, launched the smart technology based on IoT, Public Smart Dispenser and Irrigation & Monitoring System. Taking place at the UNDIP Vocational School, this activity which carries the theme Smart Technologies in the Green Campus is a form of support for Diponegoro University as a Green Campus for IU Greenmetric ranking. This activity was attended by university leaders, the Dean of the Faculty at Diponegoro University, the Director of Innovation and Research Result Development along with the Deputy, the Head of the Ranking Office, the SDG Coordinator, and the Heads of the Vocational School Applied Undergraduate Study Program. The spirit to be shown in this theme is how the use of smart technology can support and create a Green Campus starting from IoT-based technology.

At this event, the Chancellor of Diponegoro University planted tree seedlings which were then watered using an IoT-based Irrigation System, as well as a demonstration of the use of a Public Smart Dispenser. Also, the Chancellor of UNDIP symbolically handed over the Public Smart Dispenser to the Deans at Diponegoro University to be used in their respective Faculties. Later, the Public Smart Dispenser will not only be enjoyed by Diponegoro University internals, but this technology will also be developed for the public.

Public Smart Dispenser and Irrigation & Monitoring System are technologies created by UNDIP Vocational School Lecturers, namely Dista Yoel Tadeus S.T., M.T., and Fakhruddin Mangkusasmito S.T., M.T. in collaboration with PT Arisa Mandiri Pratama. One of the technologies promoted by the Public Smart Dispenser is an automatic water capacity monitoring system to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the operation of providing ready-to-drink water in the Diponegoro University environment.

The use of this Public Smart Dispenser can support the Green Campus Program, which encourages the academic community to reduce the use of plastics, especially mineral bottled water. The implication of Ministerial Instruction No.1 / M / INS / 2019 regarding the ban on the use of single-use plastic drinking water and/or plastic bags within the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, will directly reduce the use of single-use plastic bottled drinking water. For this reason, the presence of a dispenser can be a solution for those who carry their personal drinking bottles/tumblers. The Public Smart Dispenser complements the existing dispenser technology with the embedding of IoT technology which can continuously provide information on the volume of water in the dispenser, as well as automatically giving an alarm to the operator when the water in the dispenser runs out. So, refilling water will not be too late, and avoid emptying / running out of water in gallons, and providing excellent service to the public.