Vision, Mission and Target


Become a Center for Vocational Education (Applied) that is Excellent and of International Standard


  • Conducting applied education to produce competent and professional graduates according to the demands of the global world.
  • Carry out applied research and community service and collaborate with The stakeholders
  • It is creating a learning environment that is conducive to the development of a professional personality who is committed and applies knowledge and skills development for the improvement of community welfare.


  • Organize applied higher education at the diploma, bachelor, master, applied doctoral level that is superior, dignified, and have good governance so that it can produce professional graduates who are accepted and recognized for their competence by the world of work both nationally and internationally.
  • Carry out research and community service based on applications supported by human resources as educational providers who are skilled, professional, competent and certified.
  • Organize a good administrative management system: academic, financial, human resources (HR) and asset management in an orderly, efficient, effective, and accountable manner.
  • Organize collaborative networks with the government, educational institutions, and users of graduates both nationally and internationally.