Semarang City-The Vocational School of Diponegoro University has officially inaugurated 1,535 academic years in 2022/2023 for applied undergraduates. The event was held offline for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic two years ago. The inauguration was held in the ceremonial field of the Vocational School, Diponegoro University, Tembalang, on Monday morning, August 15, 2022. Wearing white tops and black bottoms, thousands of freshmen from various departments mingled together in the middle of the field from 07.00-12.00. Western Indonesia Time.

The Dean of the Vocational School of Diponegoro University, Prof.Dr.Ir.Budiyono, M.Si., in his speech explained that his duties were to accept new students from the Vocational School, namely educating and creating competent students. In our society, we don’t really know what Vocational education or Applied Science is, because they are used to getting to know academic science that focuses on mastering science and knowledge and the educational profession, namely additional education given after graduating from a bachelor’s degree, even though the highest science or state of science is applied science because it is the best Science is science that can be applied and provides benefits to society,” he said.

The Dean added that the pattern of education provided at the Vocational School is also different, because students are required to be able to practice theory, because the percentage of our education is 60% practical and 40% theoretical, so we guarantee our students have the skills and competencies to be ready to work in the industrial world. Therefore, the interest of students entering the Vocational School of Diponegoro University is very large, even in the acceptance of new students at the University. The Chancellor said that the Vocational School is the largest faculty at Diponegoro University,” he concluded.

The Administrative Manager of the Vocational School of Diponegoro University, Fajar Purwantoro, S.A.P., reported the number of new students in the 2022/2023 academic year amounted to 1,535. New students of Vocational School are distributed as follows: Department of Civil and Planning, with Study Program: Applied Bachelor of Civil Infrastructure Engineering and Architectural Design totaling 175 students Applied Bachelor of Spatial Planning and Land totaling 113 students, Department of Industrial Technology with Study Program: Applied Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Industry numbered 90 students, Applied Bachelor of Mechanical Design Engineering totaled 95 students, Applied Bachelor of Automation Engineering Technology totaled 66 students Applied Bachelor of Marine Construction Engineering Technology totaled 70 students Applied Bachelor of Industrial Electrical Engineering totaled 71 students, Department of Business and Finance with Study Program: Applied Bachelor Tax Accounting totals 365 undergraduate students in Applied Management and Logistics Administration totaling 191 students, Department of Information and Culture with a Bachelor of Applied Information and Public Relations Study Program totaling 188 students, and Bachelor of Applied Foreign Languages ​​totaled 111 students.

Fajar added that students who take part in the Vocational School New Student Admissions are those who are accepted through various selections, namely through the Selection of Potential Students, Selection of Excellent Seeds of Achievement, and Selection of Vocational Schools’ Independent Examinations,” he said.