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Publishes a variety of scientific journals that provide high-quality content and article sources that drive the world’s most impactful scientific discoveries and advances.

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The Undip Library has various kinds of literature that supports learning, research and service activities (Tri Dharma of Higher Education).

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In cyberspace, stories and thoughts can be written in a blog, as a work of the Diponegoro University academic community.

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In the digital world, live chat is here to help with everything about Undip, you can easily find it at your fingertips.

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Vocational School Research and Service

Uncover the mysteries of nature and technology in vivid experiments. Books and journals, loyal companions in hand, Campus is a place where research comes to life.

Devotion is always the application of knowledge for the good of society. Teaching, sharing and inspiring, the University is a sacred place of service.

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Undip Vocational Lecturer Wins 6 Patents in 1 Semester with Industry to Develop Cancer Chemoprevention

Innovative ideas continue to be a driving force for the academic community and will make Indonesia a developed country. It could even be a solution to problems faced by society, as was done by Undip Vocational Lecturer Mohamad Endy Yulianto. He and his team are...

Green Tea Conquers Deadly Diseases by Endy Julianto Receives Kemendikbudristek Award

In early 2024, Mohamad Endy Julianto, S.T., M.T. Undip Vocational School lecturers from the Industrial Chemical Engineering Technology Study Program again achieved Intellectual Property (KI) achievements from the Academic Directorate of Vocational Higher Education....

Obtaining Six Granted Patents a Year, Undip Vocational Lecturer Researches Tea as a Medicine for Covid 19

Undip Vocational School Lecturer Mohamad Endy Yulianto has developed breakthrough research on nano-taflavin tea as an anti-covid-19 medicinal ingredient. Endy is known as a brilliant lecturer who has produced six granted patent works. There are also 36 copyrights and...

In an effort to realize “Great Semarang”, Students of the Applied Undergraduate Study Program of Spatial Planning and Land Recommend 16 Quality Village Profiles.

A number of students from the Vocational School of Diponegoro University have finished carrying out practical work at the Semarang City Regional Development Planning Agency. Students who study in the applied undergraduate study program Spatial Planning and Land, carry...

SEMAR Eco Car Undip Vocational Team

The Vocational School of Diponegoro University has an Eco Car Team which is engaged in energy efficient cars. The SEMAR Car team was formed in 2020 by D3 Chemical Engineering students and Industrial Chemical Engineering Technology (TRKI) Undip Vocational School The...

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Sustainable Development Goals Undip

Diponegoro University as a higher education institution in Indonesia is committed to implementing various programs related to SDGs. All faculties, schools and other units at Undip have prepared programs and activities to achieve the 17 goals in the SDGs. This is in order to support the Indonesian Government’s commitment to achieving the SDGs national targets.


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